Helping Refugees

More Than a Backpack is a project developed by POBLO International that is aimed at educating students in the U.S. about what it’s like to be a refugee child from another place in the world. It will develop greater understanding of what life is like in countries like Bangladesh, Iraq, and Pakistan, as well as what it is like to leave your home and move to a new country because of political or religious persecution or war and violence.

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At Chic Media, we know the importance of communicating your story to your audience. How do we know? We listen. We ask questions. We make sure that your final product is one that reflects your brand and tells your message.

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The founders of Chic Media have a background in Non-Profit work.  We are familiar with the ups and downs of grant and giving based businesses.  We are committed to providing 501(c3) with quality products at affordable prices.

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Projects like “More Than A Backpack” are start the same way. With a simple conversation. It doesn’t cost anything to chat with a local Chic Media rep.  Take the first step to reaching the world with your message by giving us a call or sending a email.

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Chic Media has earned our trust by consistently producing amazing videos that help us tell our story in order to get the support we need to operate. Thank You Chic Media!

Cynthia Khan-Director Of Community Engagement