Their Story

Well before reality television brought you Marriage Bootcamp, Minster Ron & LaShun Franklin created a Marriage Bootcamp curriculum based in Biblical principles to salvage marriage that were failing apart.

Their motto is: “Marriage Is Not For Wimps!”

Let’s face it, marriage takes a lot of hard work, and according to the Franklin’s it’s something you have to fight for.

You may ask yourself “How Does Chic Media Help A Marriage Ministry Team??”


#1. Maximum their exposure.  The Franklins already have a Facebook following of married couples who stay on the offense to protect themselves attacks on their marriages. Chic Media plans to spread the message to a wider audience through more media channels such as YouTube and SnapChat.

#2. Upgrade their Production.  The Franklins have worked diligently to produce their own Facebook videos, where they give weekly advice to married couples and singles.  Chic Media will advise some simple techniques to boost video quality, in addition to offering video production on some special projects and a website facelift.

#3. Help with Product Development. The Franklins have given so much valuable information throughout their career of teaching their marriage courses.  However, the people that need their counsel are demographically spread out and can’t attend some workshops.  We will help them establish online courses, as well as book publishing.

At the end of the day (we mentioned reality shows earlier lol), we want to make sure that anyone who needs relationship advice from them, can do so!

This power couple’s next engagement will be at Detroit World Outreach’s iSpark Marriage Strategies Conference on Feb. 18th.  Visit for more details.

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